Having completed the design of Oil Metering and Prover skids for Yamal LNG Oil Metering System, Russia, as a subcontractor to Emerson Asia Pacific, Nautec was contracted to carry out the portable cabin design to facilitate water draw calibration of the prover with minimum ambient temperature of -36 deg C and Zone 2 hazardous area.

The scope of work included the structural design of the cabin; mechanical design of the water tank; piping design of water piping within the cabin; electrical design of the power supply to the water heater, pump, space heaters and lighting design; and instrumentation design of the water temperature control.

The Yamal Peninsula is liable to a challenging climate and the structural design of the cabin was complex due to its portability and extreme temperature variation and involved several analysis. The design was unique and had to be developed from scratch because there is no parallel.

Nautec’s Process Group verified the temperature drop through Hysis simulation.

The cabin had a water tank with heaters and temperature control to maintain the water temperature at a predetermined value. The calibrated seraphin cans were mounted on top of the tank to allow gravity flow. There was a pump to circulate the water through the prover and return to the tank through the seraphin cans. A PDMS model was developed by the Piping Group and general arrangement and piping isometrics were derived out of the model.

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