Nautec has, in cooperation with a local licensed grouting contractor, completed the grouting of the initial 3 of 24 onshore wind turbine foundations using NaX Q140-E Ultra High Performance Cementitious (UHPC) grout for Longyuan Electric Power Group, at Tianjin Hangu, China. The 48MW wind farm project uses Vestas V110-2.0 MW turbines.

This is a significant milestone for Nautec as it is the company’s first onshore grouting operation for the renewable sector in China.

NaX Q140-E is a Vestas pre-approved structural grout, specially designed and developed to meet the structural requirements of all Vestas onshore turbine installations and types. The material’s long term high performance durability guarantees a fast, secure and cost effective solution in the installation of onshore wind farms.

The project scope included the supply of grout materials for the 24 wind turbine foundations, as well as provision of on-site technical consultants for the training and licensing of a local Chinese grouting contractor.

The small team of three local contractor crew, assisted and supervised by two Nautec technical personnel, prepared the anchor cage trenches for grouting prior to positioning of the Vestas base tower pieces. Each base tower piece was lifted and positioned onto the foundation and the anchor cage trench was then grouted using 2 tons of NaX Q140-E UHPC grout in less than an hour, securing the base tower piece to the concrete foundation. The licensed grouting contractor will continue to complete the grouting scope for the remaining 21 foundations according to Vestas guidelines and requirements.

The grouting of the anchor cage trench using NaX Q140-E UHPC grout ensures high early-age compressive strength to support subsequent stages of tower installation within a short time period, even at low ambient temperatures. Excellent fatigue resistance with ultra-high final strength and a very high modulus of elasticity of the grout enable effective dynamic loads transfer from tower to foundation, e.g. high wind loads, vibrations, bending moments, to ensure longevity of the onshore wind turbine installation.

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