Our vision is to produce the worlds most technologically advanced UHPC products and Engineered Solutions, tailored specifically to meet our customers needs.

Corporate Profile

UHPC, or Ultra High Performance Concrete and Composites are our business. We develop and we produce UHPC products and we offer UHPC based engineered solutions tailored to the need of our customers.

Nautec is engaged in multiple markets including the renewable industry, the ports and offshore industries, the civil construction industries and the downhole market. We have global reach with offices across Australasia, Asia, India, the Middle East and Americas through which we combine local knowledge with global support to offer value added UHPC solutions to our global clients.

Our UHPC products are marketed under the trade name NaX®. The products, which are all drymix products, are composed of selected blends of silica sand with optimised aggregates and fillers grading, coupled with advanced nano-binder technology to produce high quality UHPC products. The production of the NaX® products takes place at our automated factory in Malaysia.

We operate two state-of-the-art laboratory facilities which are equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment for testing mechanical and operational parameters relevant for the applications in which we are engaged.

Corporate History

Nautec, formerly Nautic Offshore Pte Ltd, was established in October 2011 with the objective of offering UHPC based structural strengthening solutions to the oil and gas industry in South East Asia.

The UHPC materials were initially produced from 3rd party, but in mid-2012 the first generation of NaX®, Nautec’s registered trademark for its UHPC material, was produced and certified by DNV GL. In June 2012, we invested in our first UHPC offshore spread for subsea installation for our NaX® UHPC materials and NaX® was used for the first time in our Offshore and Marine project.

In late 2012, we incorporated a subsidiary in UAE to serve as the regional sales and project management office for the Middle East region.

In early 2013, we established our quality management system (“QMS”), which conforms to the management standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2017. DNV GL is the certifying agency for the QMS.

Another milestone was reached in 2013, as we initiated the use of NaX® in bulk silo systems for our greenfield projects.

An additional three subsidiaries were added to the group in 2013. In April, we established ourselves in Brunei, targeting the ongoing well integrity market and later in the year we established subsidiaries in Mexico and India – two markets which had good potential for UHPC based strengthening solutions given the large number of ageing offshore structures.

In 2014, we established ourselves in Malaysia, Nusa Jaya Johor, for the production of NaX® UHPC pre-mix with a semi-automated 3,500 m2 production facility, which today has an annual capacity of 30,000 mt of UHPC pre-mix products. Following on from this, product certification with CE mark for repair and anchoring to EN 1504 (Q140-E, Q130) and Factory Production Control (FPC) certification by Hannover (Germany) was issued in 2015.

In 2015, our group received a grant from SPRING Singapore to set up a state-of-the-art cement technology laboratory in Singapore. The laboratory has formed the basis for the development of a downhole product for refurbishment and decommissioning of oil, gas, water and coal bore wells. The materials have been trialled in full scale tests on operational wells and are in production.

In 2016, NaX® Q130 and 140-E products were approved for use in the foundations of Vestas Wind Systems A/S onshore wind turbines and Product Certification (U-sign) to DAfStb Guideline was issued for the two products (Q140-E, Q130).

The first sales of NaX® for the European renewable market took place in 2016 and NaX® was used in Nautec’s first Vestas Onshore Wind Turbine project, with installation in South Africa.

NaX® high performance grouts were used in the first Offshore Wind Substation project in China in 2017.

In 2018, NaX® Q140-E obtained a DNV OS-C502 certification for offshore use up to 35 degrees C and Type Approval Certification (TAC) by DNV as well. Following on from this, the first sales for the Offshore Renewables market took place.

In 2019, NaX® high performance grout was first used for Goldwind, Envision turbines.

Type Approval Certification (TAC) by DNV for NaX® Q110-E was obtained in 2020 and this was the year that our proprietary NaX® grout was first used for Mingyang turbines in our first Offshore Wind Turbine project in China as well as for GE, CSIC and Sany turbines.

2021 was yet another busy and eventful year for Nautec. Product Certification with CE mark for repair and anchoring to EN 1504 was obtained for NaX® Q110-E. NaX® achieved grout status approval with Goldwind, Windey and CRRC (Zhuzhou) and was first used for Siemens Gamesa, Windey, CRRC, Shanghai Electric, United Power and Dong Fang Electric turbines in 2021.

A significant milestone rounded off 2021 as MBCC Group acquired Nautec Group and our strong and expanded team of grouting and offshore experts has continued to provide our NaX® UHPC Solutions to our customers as a brand of MBCC Group.

In 2022, Nautec completed 26 wind energy installations in China alone and our offshore team carried out work on offshore installation and rejuvenation projects throughout the AMEAP region. In Mexico, Nautec carried out pile sleeve grouting on ELM-21, ELM-16, ELM-26, Balam-TA2 and clamp installation on MALOOB-B in 2022.

In May 2023, Nautec became part of Sika, a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry.

Our strong relationship and focus on serving our valued customers will continue: our expert team will continue to deliver the same quality, products and services without disruption due to the acquisition.

Production Facility

The production facility situated in Malaysia consists of a fully equipped factory for production of dry blended cement powder mixtures. All the structural grout products under the NaX® trademark are produced here. The NaX® brand of premixed grout products consists of ultra-high performance cementitious (UHPC) grouts, high performance cementitious (HPC) grouts and ultra-lightweight cement composite (ULCC) grout products.

The 3,500 mfactory has an automatic powder production facility with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons.

It also has packaging systems for small bags (25-50kg packing size) and FIBC bulk bags (500-1,500kg size). Also at the facility there are managerial offices for Nautec Materials and a well-equipped laboratory capable of testing the performance of a variety of aggregate, cement and grout materials and mixtures.