Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

Nautec’s ultra high performance cementitious (UHPC) NaX products have been certified and approved for use in onshore wind turbine foundations by Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Vestas). Vestas is a wind turbine manufacturer which has installed more than 56,000 wind turbines across 75 countries and 6 continents, generating more than 90 million megawatt hours of energy per year, which is enough electricity to supply millions of households.

Nautec has over the last year worked together with Vestas to get its NaX UHPC products certified and approved for use in onshore wind turbine foundations. The renewable energy industry is strictly regulated and the rigorous approval process provides a high barrier for entry into this market. The approval process involved comprehensive testing of mechanical and operational parameters at Material Prufanstalt fur das Bauwesen (MPA) in Hannover, Germany and included trial installations of our materials in wind turbines in Europe and Africa. Nautec’s NaX UHPC materials are currently one of only two cementitious products that are now certified and approved for use in Vestas onshore wind turbine foundations worldwide.

Nautec entered the renewable energy industry in 2015 as a key market to provide diversity of revenue and expand the application of its unique range of materials produced at its production facility in Johor, Malaysia. The certification by MPA and approval with Vestas increases the Company’s capability in this market, which is considered a key driver for growth in the coming years.