Group in Petronas To#1961FA

Jacket platforms built in the past several decades are still in operation but they have to face the increased imposed loads by the placement of additional equipments, the increase in operational safety, the increase in service life, damage and regulatory requirements. All these require the modification, strengthening and repair of old platforms. After the attack of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, these issues have received significant attentions and form an important and integral part of offshore engineering. High strength grouting for strengthening and repair i.e. with the least hot work in offshore gives a great advantage since the repair can be carried out without shutting down the platform operation.

The JIP is carried out at National University of Singapore (NUS) under the guidance offshore engineering experts including Prof. Peter Marshall, Prof. Jaap Wardenier, Prof. Choo Yoo Song, Mr Nigel Nichols of Petronas Carigali and Mr Trevor Mills of J Ray McDermott.

The participating members of the JIP are (in alphabetical order):

  1. American Bureau of Shipping,
  2. Class NK,
  3. J Ray McDermott,
  4. Lloyd’s Register,
  5. Nautec,
  6. Petronas Carigali,