Civil Construction and Architecture

Concrete is used in all types of Civil Structures including buildings, roads, bridges and towers. Concrete is the single most used construction material in the world. It is environmentally friendly in all stages of its life span and makes it the preferred choice for sustainable construction.

UHPC structures, which is our core strength, are even more environmentally friendly than conventional concrete structures as the high strength and ductility allows for construction of exceptionally slim and less material consuming structures.

UHPC structures have only recently started gaining a foothold in the civil construction market. Although very much in the formative years this is a very interesting and exciting market for us to participate in.

UHPC for Pre-cast Bathroom Units in Singapore

Nautec’s UHPC has been tested and is currently undergoing the approval process for PBUs in Singapore.

Nautec’s UHPC for Facades and Claddings

NaX® UHPC are technologically advanced materials with an unrivalled combination of ductility, strength, durability and aesthetics making them ideal for lightweight and complex architectural structures such as claddings, facades and decorative ceilings.