Offshore and Marine

Nautec has a long track record of requalification of Offshore and Marine structures having been involved in more than 60 offshore projects where applied UHPC has been an integral part of the solution. Nautec is offering engineered UHPC solutions for the repair, strengthening and service life extension of Offshore and Marine structures including piled ports and offshore structures, quay walls as well as we are offering UHPC based well integrity solutions for onshore and offshore wells.

UHPC, or Ultra High Performance Concrete, is a class of concrete or cementitious composite materials characterized by extremely high strength (strength that reaches the level of steel) and durability but in its liquid form pumpable for several hundreds of meters in small size hoses making it very unique for the repair and strengthening of offshore structures include subsea structures at water depths in excess of 80 – 100 meters.

UHPC based Repair and Strengthening Solutions for Offshore and Marine Structures

In-place, pushover and fatigue analysis of ageing structures followed by cost efficient UHPC strengthening solutions requalifies and extend the service life of ageing structures.

UHPC based Corrosion Protection & Structural Strengthening of Offshore Wells

Nautec offers complete solutions to extend the service life of ageing offshore oil and gas wells. The integrity of aged wells exposed to severe corrosion is restored through strengthening of the casings.

HPC and OPC Grouting Services for Installation of Offshore Structures

Nautec works in close collaboration with prominent offshore contractors to deliver swift, reliable and cost effective grouting services for the installation of new offshore structures.

Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced UHPC panels for hull strengthening

Nautec’s UHPC based service life extensions solutions for Offshore and Marine Structures are developed, designed and executed by our experienced team of engineers and offshore supervisors.