UHPC based Well Integrity Solutions

Nautec offers complete solutions to extend the service life of ageing offshore oil and gas wells. The integrity of aged wells exposed to severe corrosion is restored through strengthening of the casings by injecting Ultra-High Performance Cementitious or through the installation of reinforced UHCP sleeves.

Nautec’s well integrity solutions are typically implemented on flowing wells with no production interruption as there is normally no hot work involved. The solutions are executed by Nautec’s team of experts using custom built equipment suitable for operating from work boats or directly from offshore platforms.

The high strength and non-shrink characteristics of the UHPC materials manufactured by Nautec facilitate substantial load transfer between the casing strings and the conductor, releasing stresses on weakened sections of the well. Due to the extremely low water and chloride permeability of the applied UHPC materials, on-going corrosion can be arrested and future corrosion prevented.

John Gronbech
Managing Director- Nautec
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Ing. José M. Hernández Contreras
General Manager, Mexico- Nautec
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Recent Projects

From Asia to Middle East, Nautec is assisting operators to manage and restore well integrity with proven and cost-effective grouting solutions ensuring sustainable corrosion protection and no interruption in production.