NaX® UHPC/HPC for Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Nautec’s NaX® Q130 and Q140-UHPC products and the associated production facility in Malaysia have gone through rigorous test and certification programs with European institutions leading to U certification and CE certification and in turn a supply license with one of the biggest turbine manufacturer in the world. As an ad on, where only an HPC product is needed we have introduced NaX® Q80-E for designs with lower strength requirements.

The UHPC/HPC materials are flowable, cohesive and easily pumped into structures with narrow constrictions over long distances.

The grouts feature high early strengths, no shrinkage (shrinkage compensated) and final setting times of less than 6 hours at 25°C.

The UHPC/HPC materials have a standard operating temperature range of 5°C to 35°C, but have been successfully deployed in regions with temperatures exceeding 40°C – which qualifies it as the only UHPC for tropical applications.

Ing. José M. Hernández Contreras
Business Development Manager, Mexico
+52 1 938 388 3925
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Installed Wind Turbine Foundations using NaX® Products