NaX B190


  • Good flowability
  • High early strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Ultra-high Young’s modulus for exceptional stiffness similar to metallic aluminium
  • Ultra-high long-term strength exceeding 200 MPa


NaX B190 is supplied as a ready to use special cement dry powder system. On mixing with controlled amount of pure portable water, it produces a flowable, cohesive and impermeable ultra-high performance cementitious (UHPC) grout, which develops high compressive strength in short period of time.

NaX B190 exhibit good flowability with high inherent cohesiveness and anti-washout property and can be easily pumped into structures with narrow constrictions such as grout trenches in connection with onshore wind turbines, filling of annulus in pipe-in- pipe systems or hollow sections, which are not easily accessible by conventional mortar or grout systems.

NaX B190 is based upon an advanced nano-engineered binder technology, which is composed of special blends of Portland cements, pozzolan cements and special cements, to produce a high quality structural cementitious material.

NaX B190 is chloride-free, shrinkage-compensated and exhibits low water permeability and high resistance to aggressive ion penetration.

To read more about this product you can download the technical datasheet here.