Super critical Plot of PETRONAS fields

Nautec has completed a Sequestration Feasibility Study on the fields within the Sarawak Cluster for PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD. Nautec was sub-contracted by RANHILL WORLEY PARSONS SDN BHD to undertake work for the Contaminants Sequestration Feasibility Study.

To assist in the framing study requirements, Nautec provided background and context of Global H2S and CO2 projects with a context where possible placed on applicability and possible transferability to PETRONAS Fields.

An initial screening was conducted based on the outputs of Phase 1. The screening risked project sites as supplied by PETRONAS. Geological sequestration sites are unique and therefore the approach to proper site selection was tailored to the characteristics of each site. Sequestration site selection was based on a site-specific risk assessment and management plan. This reduced uncertainties and enhanced site understanding through iterative data collection, and allowed for further analysis of data throughout the entire life of the project.

On completion of the report and workshop PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD supplied a Milestone Completion Recognition and Business Notification from the PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD Project team. The letter advised the study was delivered the highest quality on performance, content and service, and the PETRONAS CARIGALI SDN BHD Project team would be happy to have the Nautec team engaged with other Malaysian operators or departments in PETRONAS to carry out similar work in future.