Strong or soft, tight or cracked, rapid or slow, grey or white if we don’t have  it on the shelf – we develop it for you…. our strength is applied UHPC

Ultra High Performance Concrete and Composites are our business. We develop, we produce and we offer engineered UHPC solutions for architectural, structural and downhole applications for multiple industries. Our strength is in the knowledge of our UHPC products, our ability to engineer UHPC based solutions to complex engineering and environmental challenges, and to deploy our products to the highest standards possible.

Our NaX® dry-mix products comprises a range of products characterised by extreme mechanical and operational performance including structural grouts with compressive strength exceeding steel yet pumpable in hoses for several hundreds of meters, rapid strength developing materials for offshore installation applications or ultra lightweight cementitious composites deployed thousands of meters below surface for sealing off hydrocarbon zones .

NaX® Q80

Rapid strength developing and shringkage compensated HPC product for pile-sleeve and main pile groutings.

NaX® Q110

HPC product for structural subsea connections with high structural and corrosion protection requirements .

NaX® Q130

Vestas approved UHPC product for grouting of onshore wind turbine foundations.

NaX® Q140-E

DNV GL type approved UHPC product for structural high strength and dynamically exposed grouted connections for offshore wind turbine foundations.

NaX® B210

UHPC product for exteme load bearing applicatons and coorosion protection applications.


Ultra High Performance Composites for well Integrity and Remediation of Production Wells.

U-sign and CE for Nautec’s Malaysian Production facility

Nautec’s production facility in Malaysia is operating under strict quality control conforming to the EU.