Nautec’s NaX® B210, the Range Rover of structural grouts, offers compressive strength similar to steel, at the same time a long-distance pumpable grout, is the ultimate strengthening and corrosion protection agent.

NaX® B210

With a compressive strength in excess of 210 MPa and a stiffness (Elastic Modulus) in excess of 76 GPa, Nautec’s B210 is the strongest commercially produced pumpable Ultra High Performance Concrete product with excellent flowability in the market.

The high strength and high stiffness allows  engineers to design highly efficient strengthening and repair measures for even the most challenging structural problems.

The high strength of NaX® B210  offers a long fatigue life making it a strong UHPC candidate for dynamically exposed structures and structural connections.

The dense structure of NaX® B210 prevents water and chloride ingress making it an ideal product for corrosion protection of ports and offshore structures including offshore oil and gas wells.

Nautec’s reinforced UHPC sleeve for strengthening and corrosion protection of tubular structures including offshore conductors is based on the use NaX® B210.

Despite the high strength and associated low water content in its plastic form, NaX® B210 is very flowable and  pumpable making it very useful for subsea applications where high loads need to be transferred.

Ing. José M. Hernández Contreras
General Manager, Mexico- Nautec
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Ultra High Performance Concrete in Excess of 250 MPa

Nautec’s team of material scientists has successfully developed a new self-flowing UHPC product with compressive strength in excess of 250 MPa,​ without any post-curing treatments (i.e. no need for stream / heat / pressure curing).