Colour Grout series based upon advanced nano-engineered binder technology

NaX® L90-W

NaX® L90-W is part of the Colour Grout series and features a very high whiteness tone after mixing with controlled amount of potable water. The product is based upon an advanced nano-engineered binder technology, which is composed of premium white Portland cement and cementitious pozzolans of finest quality together with a proprietary blend of modern chemical additives.

It is supplied as a ready to use cement-based dry powder system. After mixing, the product is a flowable, cohesive and impermeable high performance cementitious (HPC) grout, which develops high compressive strength in short period of time. Under standard ambient temperature of 25ºC, it can achieve more than 50% of ultimate strength in 24h, and 80% of ultimate strength in a week.

Metallic fibers (steel) or organic fibers (e.g. poly vinyl alcohol) can be added as an option during mixing to enhance product’s ductility performance.

Due to its high flowability, this product is easily placed using pump or open placement, and assures complete filling of any formwork and mould systems with narrow constrictions up to 10mm gap. The product is chloride-free, exhibits low water permeability and high resistance to aggressive ion penetration. With proper curing, it has a long-life expectancy due to its dense and stable structure.

With above combinations, this grout is ideal for applications demanding for aesthetic flexibility, high structural performance and long-lasting durability requirements.


  • High whiteness colour
  • Good flowability
  • High early strength
  • No segregation or bleeding
  • High long-term strength exceeding 100 MPa

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Business Development Manager, Mexico
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