An extremely high early strength grout specially developed as a volume stable skirt backfill for monopile foundations with bolted connections.

NaX® Q110-E

NaX® Q110-E was specially developed as an offshore silo product and volume stable skirt backfill for monopile foundations with bolted connections. However, because of its relatively high strength and extremely high early strength development, even at low temperatures, it contributes a great deal of benefits, compared to traditional grouts, for a variety of complex offshore designs.

Due to its very low pH value, NaX® Q110-E gives the structure corrosion protection and its shrinkage compensated design creates both a small early age expansion and long-time volume stability. It has compressive strength of 110 MPa and E-modulus of more than 40 GPa.

The ability of NaX® Q110-E to be transported, both by pneumatic systems with Nautec’s advanced NaX® TransFeed Container System and with big-bags, increases the flexibility of installation methods.

The small footprint NaX® TransFeed System reduces the use of crane and is at the same time a semi closed process. NaX® Q110 can be mixed with both Jet-mixes and planetary mixers with a very high capacity of more than 20 cubic meter per hour. For lower capacities, paddle mixers can be used as well.

At present NaX® Q110-E is in the process of receiving DNV GL-ST-C502 offshore type approval. As part of the DNV GL type approval, the mechanical and operational parameters of the UHPC product have been tested and verified through an exhaustive test program with Materialprüfanstalt (MPA) Hannover.

To date NaX® products have been used in more than 60 offshore projects primarily in South East Asia, Indian and the Middle East, where the operational temperature often exceeds 35°C. The unique composition of our products allows us to pump the materials through 2″ and 3″ hoses for several hundred meters length.

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