An extremely high early strength grout specially developed as a ready to use silo-based cementitious offshore wind energy grout, certified under DNV Type Approval Certification program.

NaX® Q110-E

NaX® Q110-E is certified by DNV through a Type Approval Certification (TAC) program as a ready to use silo-based cementitious offshore wind grout. On mixing with controlled amount of potable water, it produces a flowable, cohesive and impermeable ultra-high performance cementitious (UHPC) grout, which develops high compressive strength in extreme short period of time under low temperature environment. At 28-day, the product has high compressive strength exceeding 125 MPa and E-modulus of more than 40 GPa.

NaX® Q110-E exhibit excellent flowability with high inherent cohesiveness and anti-washout property and can be easily pumped into structures with narrow constrictions, filling of annulus in pipe-in-pipe systems or hollow sections, typically found in offshore wind foundation system like monopiles, tripods and jacket structures. Early-age cycling (EAC) test shows no detrimental effect on compressive strength development, nor any instability such as segregation or sedimentation of components.

NaX® Q110-E exhibits a low water permeability and high resistance to aggressive ion penetration. With a high pH value, the product provides structural corrosion protection and its shrinkage compensated design creates both a small early age expansion and long-time volume stability.

NaX® Q110-E is based upon an advanced nano-engineered binder technology, which is composed of special blends of Portland cements, pozzolan cements and special cements, to produce a high quality structural cementitious material.

NaX® Q110-E has high flexibility to installation methods as it can be transported and applied, either by silo system or bulk FIBC bags.

Click here to read the Executive Summary of the fatigue test program, examining the fatigue behaviour (i.e. fatigue resistance) of NaX® Q110-E, under sinusoidal uniaxial cyclic compressive loadings in force-controlled mode and the assessment of the results with regard to questions of fatigue design.

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