A grout product with a unique combination of superior technical characteristics.

NaX® Q115-F

NaX® Q115-F is supplied as a ready to use cement-based, fiber-reinforced dry powder system. On mixing with controlled amount of potable water, it produces a flowable, cohesive ultra-high performance cementitious (UHPC) mix, which develops high compressive strength in short period of time. With proper curing, the hardened product has a unique combination of superior technical characteristics including ductility, strength, and durability, while providing highly moldable high-quality surface aspect.

NaX® Q115-F is based upon an advanced nano-engineered binder technology, which is composed of special blends of Portland cements, pozzolan cements and special cements, to produce a high quality structural cementitious material. The product is designed for good flowability with high inherent cohesiveness to facilitate material placement in narrow formworks without segregation, enabling production of thin shell structure and slimline architectural profiles.

Metallic fibers (steel) or organic fibers (e.g. poly vinyl alcohol) can be added as an option during mixing to enhance product’s ductility performance.

With above combinations, this grout is ideal for applications demanding for aesthetic flexibility, high structural performance and long-lasting durability requirements.


  • Good flowability
  • High early strength
  • No segregation or bleeding
  • High long-term strength exceeding 115 MPa

Chia Kok Seng
Head of Materials Research & Technology - Nautec
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[email protected]

Ing. José M. Hernández Contreras
General Manager, Mexico- Nautec
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