Rapid strength developing and shrinkage compensated

HPC product for pile-sleeve and main pile groutings.

NaX® Q80

Developed for rapid strength development, this shrinkage compensated and highly flowable HPC product is a robust substitute for OPC and other oil well cement-based cement slurries for grouting of pile-sleeve or main-pile connections for installation of jacket structures. Compressive strength in excess of 30 MPa is reached with 24 hours allowing early stabbing of topside structures reducing expensive vessel time.

The use of NaX® Q80 over conventional OPC and oil cement products significantly reduces the risk of leakage, eliminates the need for circulation and results in significantly less material usage and contingency requirement – contingency levels of 15 to 20% have been widely accepted by our clients.

Due to the high viscosity and the high inner cohesion of the mixed material there is no risk of cement dispersion or dilution resulting in faster offshore installation operations.

NaX® Q80 is installed through custom-built grouting equipment using PLC controlled batch mixing technology to ensure high grout quality and consistency.

We are currently operating 7 offshore spreads who all have the flexibility of being fed from either silo or bulk bags. Our mixing spreads are all containerised batch mixers with capacity ranging from 10 mt to 40 mt per hour.

Ing. José M. Hernández Contreras
General Manager, Mexico- Nautec
+52 938 388 3924
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