Nautec worked together with Murjan Al-Sharq for Marine Services to carry out the marine pile strengthening work at Tarut Bay, Ras Tanura, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with a high performance grout NaX® Q140 for Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

Nautec Disciplines

Providing structural strengthening of members through infill grouting.

The Client

Nautec worked together with Murjan Al-Sharq For Marine Services to carry out the marine pile strengthening work for Saudi Arabian Oil Company.

The Scope

The scope of work included detail structural engineering design and clamp design. Pile internal and external cleaning and pile repair work consisting of drilling of grout inlet holes for infill piles; internal cleaning of infill piles using UHP water jet system; hole patching work for infill piles; clamp installation for clamp piles; grouting for both infill and clamp piles and STOPAQ application for corrosion protection on repaired piles.

The Challenges

The marine piles were corroded significantly and some of the piles were severed at splash zone. Pile member thinning was observed during detail survey. A total of 36 marine piles were selected for structural strengthening and repair work.

The Services

The services applied included the inspection and structural reinstatement of corroded marine piles. Nautec carried out detailed structural engineering design and clamps were fabricated in KSA under supervision of Nautec. The strengthening method comprised infill grouting and clamp installation with annulus grouting using NaX® Q140 high performance grout.

Client Benefit

No hot work is granted near the pipeline area and piles supporting Saudi Aramco’s live oil pipelines. Strengthening and repair work using grouting method requires no hot work and proved the ideal solution for life extension and structural reinstatement of the members.

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