Nautec has completed its work to upgrade the Fire Water Caissons at Anoa platform as part of its well integrity campaign for Premier Oil, Indonesia. The reinforced caissons were encased in ultra high performance cementitious (UHPC) grout to prevent corrosion and strengthen the caissons.

The Client

  • Premier Oil Indonesia

The Scope

  • External grouting was carried out from EL(-)9m to EL(+)4m of the caisson
  • Marine growth cleaning using an ultra-high pressure pump
  • Patching of perforations at EL(-)6.5m and EL(-)0.5m using inflatable bladders, which were removed after grouting works were completed
  • External grouting (under water to above water) was carried out with a grout mould and without the need for engaging divers

The Challenges

  • The monsoon weather posed a major challenge but the experienced offshore grouting team made the necessary adjustments and grouted the caissons in stages, which allowed for the objectives to be carried out successfully

The Services

  • The perforations of the caissons were patched
  • The UHPC grouting was carried out externally for the strengthening of the structures and to protect them from future corrosion

Client Benefit

  • The team used its proprietary NaX® UHPC materials for the grouting work; a material that delivers extremely high compressive and flexural strength, up to 10 times stronger than normal concrete.
  • By grouting with NaX® UHPC materials, a process which requires no hot work and no interruption in production, the design life of the structures are in effect extended.

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