Quick Facts:

Type of project:
AMPA Field, Brunei
20 Mt of NaX® Q140-E UHPC
Brunei Shell Petroleum
Grouting days:
3 days
Project date:
August 2022

Nautec has carried out the repair and strengthening of truss and the adjoining tubular members on AMDP-06 platform based on a structural integrity assessment (USFOS analysis) and offshore inspections carried out by Nautec’s engineering team. 


  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Offshore contracting work
  • Truss Repair Work
  • Supply of materials, equipment and grouting crew

Scope of Work & Services

  • Preparation of the grouting procedure and supporting project documentation for grouting works.
  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q140-E grout material and lubrication mix.
  • Provision of certified grouting personnel and PTW for 12-hour operations.
  • Provision of grouting equipment
  • Project reporting (COR)
  • Cold works grouted repair
  • Provision of a detailed engineering design report
  • Provision of test cubes for 28 days compressive testing; post-grouting test results are completed in third-party certified lab.

Project Performance

Excellent collaboration between Nautec’s Operations and Engineering teams meant that Nautec were able to quickly evaluate the structure based on latest site findings and agree revised scope whilst still achieving original SOW objectives.

All deliverables were achieved to client satisfaction.

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