Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is engaged in exploration of oil and gas offshore in Western India. Bassein Development 3 Well Platform (BD3WPP) project along with associate brownfield modifications is a part of it.


  • Brownfield Services
  • Subsea Strengthening and repair work
  • Member Grouting

Scope of Work

  • L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Limited has been awarded ONGC’s “Bassein Development 3 WHP and Pipeline Project”. Nautec was awarded the scope of work for carrying out strengthening of 1 Diagonal bracing member on Row-1 at NBP-B Platform. Infill grouting was carried out at 32.36m water depth.


  • One vertical diagonal member was overstressed and the compression critical member was strengthened by infill grouting. This has enhanced the buckling capacity of the member in compression and reduced the member UC to the desired level.
  • Nautec provided grouting services for the strengthening of 1 VDM on NBP-B platform using grout material NaX® Q110, tools and equipment, grouting engineer and crew, NaX® UHPC cube casting and compressive stress testing.

Client Benefits

  • The underwater repair work was done on a fast track basis due to very sharp deadlines from Client.
  • Nautec mobilised its local team to do the job swiftly.
  • The infill grouting reinstated the members back to its original structural integrity

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