Engaged by McConnell Dowell, Nautec supplied the grouting materials, equipment and crew required for the F-GEN Multi-Purpose Jetty and Gas Receiving Facility Project at Batangas, Philippines. 

The grouting team pumped approximately 3,900mt of NaX® Q80-R High Performance Cementitious grout; a product developed for offshore pile-sleeve and main pile grouting, which limits heat of hydration build-up in large volume pours. On top of this, 54mt of hose lubricant was used for the campaign that ran from September 2021 until June 2022.


  • Preparation of grouting procedure and project documentation for grouting.
  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q80-H grout material and NaX® Binder lubrication mix.
  • Provision of grouting equipment.
  • Provision of offshore grouting crew.
  • Supply of grouting services for the FGEN LNG Multi-Purpose Jetty and Gas Receiving Facility, Batangas, Philippines.


  • Nautec carried out specialist grouting of the pile sleeve annuli and marine modules at the multi-purpose jetty.
  • The team grouted 151 Piles and 9 Marine Modules.

Project Performance

  • With international travel and site access complicated by Covid, it meant that only one crew change was possible over the entire programme meaning that just two teams of Nautec crew completed the full campaign.
  • The offshore teams worked very well with the client’s project team to ensure readiness for grouting was closely aligned with client’s installation schedule and grouting activities were completed efficiently despite programme pressures.

Material Benefits

  • Due to the large diameter piles and possibility of large annuli, Nautec proposed the use of Q80-R. This material has a lower heat of hydration than other NaX® products and is better suited for large section piles where high heat during hydration can cause cracking.
  • NaX® Q80-R is a high-performance grout that has been used for many marine grouting installations worldwide. The material is a fast curing grout that reaches a compressive strength of up to 50 MPa in 24 hrs, but with flow retention properties that cater for grouting at elevated temperatures which are often experienced in the Philippines.
  • NaX® Q80-R meets the strength requirements set forward by the client with a large safety margin and its flow and flow retention properties allow for installation in temperatures up to 40°C.

Client Testimonial

“The whole (Nautec) team did an excellent job on this project. I really enjoyed working with such professional people. The (NaX) grout we were working with was very good and easy to manage. This project, the guys worked very hard and every day I would expect more and more but the guys never did complain. The most we grouted in one day was over 120 bags of grout (132mt). I would like to thank Nautec for sending over the best group of guys.”

Steve Coady, Marine Superintendent – Project 6947 Multi-Purpose Jetty & Gas Receiving Facility.

McConnell Dowell Philippines Inc.

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