Nautec was engaged by Petronas via a local contractor to supply grout material, drilling system and grouting services for BEKOK-B Jacket leg grouting, a remote wellhead platform; full name BEKOK-BRAVO, at water depth of 70m in the PM-9 Field, Offshore Terengganu, West Malaysia. The team used Nautec’s NaX® Q110-E UHPC grout to repair two legs (B1 & B2) and hereby restore the structural integrity of the platform.  

Scope of Work

  • Preparation of the grouting procedure and supporting project documentation for grouting works.
  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q110-E grout material and lubrication mix.
  • Provision of ten certified grouting personnel for 24-hour operations.
  • Provision of grouting equipment including grout hoses, couplings, bespoke inlet assembly, drilling equipment, hydraulic power pack and drill bits.
  • Provision of a QC testing mobile laboratory for 24 hour cube testing.
  • Reporting and certificates of completion for grout filling.


  • Nautec provided an engineered grouting solution for a complex problem and supplied its proprietary NaX® Q110-E UHPC grout; the required grouting equipment and crew for the repair and strengthening of 2 Jacket legs on Bekok-B WHP.
  • Additionally, Nautec provided a certified QC testing mobile laboratory and the team carried out 24 hours post-grouting compressive strength testing.

Project Performance

  • The grouting team demonstrated flexibility on the construction strategy when the actual site conditions were not congruent with what was initially planned.
  • All deliverables were successfully achieved, and the narrow annulus was grouted fully from bottom to top with high strength grout.

Client Benefit

  • With Nautec’s permanent cold works solution the client benefitted from great cost savings, when compared to the annual construction and repair costs incurred by hot works.
  • In addition, a cold works solution meant that the daily operations on the platform were not interrupted by the work being carried out by the grouting team.
  • The structural integrity of the Jacket was restored mitigating risk of costly deferment, with the jacket holding a key delivery line to BLNG.

Added Value

  • NaX® Q110-E is a high performance grout that has been used for many jacket installations worldwide, including in North Oil Field and numerous Petronas fields. It is a fast curing grout that reaches a compressive strength of up to 55 MPa in 24 hours, but with flow retention properties that cater for grouting at elevated temperatures, which are often experienced in Malaysia.

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