Project Scope 

  • Grouting of main piles of a 4-legged, conductor supported platform using NaX® Q80 High Performance Cement. The jacket structure itself weighs 490 Mt and it will support a 690 Mt topside.


  • Supply and delivery of 84 Mt NaX® Q80.
  • Subsea grouting of 4-legged, conductor supported platform main piles at 52 m water depth.
  • Provision of offshore crew and equipment required for grouting.
  • Conduct lab based compressive tests of grout cubes.

Project Performance

  • High performance of grouting equipment without any failure during operation.
  • The client was very satisfied with the short-term strength development cube results and they were able to proceed with the topside installation.
  • Nautec’s competent crew performed well during equipment preparation and grouting operation.
  • The rapid strength developing and shrinkage compensated NaX® Q80 HPC product, which was used for the grouting operation ensured on time installation of top side after grouting.

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