• Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Greenfield Services
  • Offshore Grouting Installation Services
  • Supply of NaX® Materials
  • Engineering consultancy for grout line placement
  • UHP Pile Jetting Services


  • Grouting of main piles to jacket sleeve connections together with pile jetting services

Scope of Work

  • Engineering consultancy on location of inlets and grout line design.
  • Supply of specialist pile jetting equipment.
  • Grouting services for three 4-legged jackets in the Bokor field.


  • Supply of grouting materials and manpower for grouting and pile jetting services for a total of three 4-legged jackets in 69m of water.


  • Operationally challenging as coordinating closely with numerous other contractors.
  • Tight execution window and team worked very effectively to deliver on schedule.


  • Coordinate and work closely with the client focal to ensure smooth execution.
  • Experienced team and reliable equipment ensured high quality execution.


“Nautec worked very efficiently to deliver the programme in a timely matter.”
Mr. Tajul, Senior Manager, Operations Dept, BDEWC.

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