Nautec has an extensive track record of delivering high quality offshore topside modules and facilities engineering services. Our engineering team draws on vast experience in the design of Offshore Living Quarters.

The Client

The client was Chevron / Jay Ray Mc.Dermott.

The Scope

Detailed Engineering & Design of a 5-level, pre-fabricated, self-supporting, single lift structure complete with integral helideck, 200-man Living Quarters in the Gulf of Thailand. The disciplines and skills applied in this project included Architectural, Structural, Process, Mechanical, Piping and Plumbing, Safety, Instruments, Telecoms, Electrical and Engineering Management.

The Challenges

The LQM was designed with a tight weight limit of 2500 m.tons which was the lifting capacity of McDermott’s installation barge DB101. The weight was managed throughout the course of the project through methodical weight accounting and monitoring across all design aspects and the final design weight is 2478 m.tons inclusive of rigging. Due to tight weight limits, the services had to be optimized and co-located within close proximity of each other, which required systematic clash management in 3D software environment to produce a constructible design.

The Engineering Team

Nautec’s engineering team displays unique expertise and experience i.e.:

  • Architectural layout development by an experienced architect taking into account aesthetics, functionality and constructability
  • Optimised structural beam and framing design to complement architecture design and to achieve a weight saving design
  • Detailed weight control program throughout detailed engineering phase to manage the weight growth
  • Planning of engineering activities according to construction sequence and procurement priorities
  • Design of HVAC, plumbing, lighting and fire & gas systems to achieve a functional and clash free efficient design in harmony with the architectural and aesthetic requirements
  • Design of helidecks and functional specification design of associated equipment packages