Nautec was engaged by the BSP AER team with support from the ORMC construction team to carry out the planned CPRJ01 jacket leg repair through infill grouting & external encasement grouting activities to provide strengthening & anti-corrosion protection to the existing structure.

Scope of Work

  • Preparation of the grouting procedure and project documentation for grouting.
  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q110 and Q125F grout material and NaX® Binder lubrication mix.
  • Provision of specially designed formwork, mixing, pumping equipment, tool container and high pressure water jet cleaning spread.
  • Provision of grout hoses with 40% contingency, valves and other relevant installation equipment necessary for the grouting work using quick connect inlets and outlets
  • Provision of offshore crew including grouting supervisor/engineer
  • Provision of certified rigging equipment and rigging plan.


  • Nautec supplied grout material NaX® Q110 and Q125F together with design and fabrication of special seat collars to suit the jacket legs. The two jacket legs were flushed and grouted in the annular space from seabed to to the joint can level and then the splashzone was encased with specially fibre reinforced Q125-F.


  • Challenges faced by the team included fluctuating tide issues, logistics, COVID restrictions and adjusted working hours during Ramadhan.
  • Due to the excellent collaboration between the East asset team, ORMC, AED/23 and Nautec, the team was able to overcome all the challenges and executed the work safely.

Project Highlights

  • An entirely ‘coldworks’ solutions with no hot works required to repair the legs.
  • The structural integrity has been restored mitigating the risk of deferment.
  • A permanent solution with vast annual construction cost savings.
  • Flexibility on the construction strategy when actual site conditions were not congruent with what was initially planned.
  • Concurrent activities carried out with minimal impact to the actual plan.

Client Benefits

  • Traditionally, the repair work scheduled for CPRJ01 jacket leg would have been conducted via hot-work. The opportunity was to repair the jacket leg via cold-work solutions as that would save valuable deferment time & cost as we could then bring this scope outside of the shutdown.
  • This also includes the additional benefit of strengthening & protection at subsea level – activities normally beyond the reach of regular hot-work procedures and would be a first time in ORMC contract.

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