The Nautec Drilling Project Management of Pyi Thar-1 and Pyi Thar-1 ST fulfilled the contractual obligations of the Initial Exploration Period which was extended by one year to allow MPRL E&P to integrate the results of 2D and 3D seismic campaigns and minimize exploration and drilling risks on the drilling of the Pyi Thar prospect.

The Client

MPRL E&P Pte Ltd

The Scope

Basis for Design

Detailed Well Design

Well Cost Estimates, AFE and Cost Monitoring

Technical Specifications for Tender Documents

Technical Evaluation and Award Recommendation of Tender Submissions

Drilling Contract

Emergency Response Plans and HSE Bridging Documents

Logistics Planning and Execution

Risk Identification and Mitigations

Day to Day Management and Supervision of Drilling Operations

Project Close Out and Reporting

The Value Added

The Final Cost was USD 25.8 million, approximately 25% under the approved AFE of USD 34.6 million.

This saving of USD 8.8 million was primarily due to:

  • Detailed engineering and critical review to optimise the well design – a slimmed casing design was implemented which met all required objectives and enabled full evaluation of formations drilled by wireline logging;
  • Implementation of a detailed and efficient logistics plan which in the absence of any shore based infrastructure in Myanmar eliminated the need for a floating warehouse. The components of this logistics plan included mobilisation of contingency equipment to Thailand and also incorporated the AHSVs into the rig tow.
  • Pre job quality assurance efforts (QA/QC) of critical tools and equipment resulting in minimal NPT;
  • Rig inspection and verification/commissioning checks of all equipment refurbished, replaced or repaired;
  • Higher than planned high penetration rates and drilling practices which minimised hole problems;
  • The application of critical drilling practices when the leak-off obtained at the 13-3/8” shoe was significantly less than anticipated;
  • Reduction in logging programme over 8 ½” sidetrack after encountering tectonically overstressed shales