In March 2023, Nautec carried out grouting work for Permaducto S.A. de C.V. during the offshore installation of ELM22, a 4-legged platform located in the Gulf of México.
The team used 43 Mt of Nautec’s NaX® Q80-H high performance cementitious (HPC) grout, pumped at 13 meters water depth.


  • Offshore Contracting
  • Offshore Installation Grouting
  • Pile Sleeve Grouting

Type of project:
Gulf of México
43 Mt of NaX® Q80-H
Permaducto S.A. de C.V.
Project date:
March 2023
Water depth:
13 m
Grouting Time:
2 days

Scope of Work

  • Grouting installation services at platform ELM22
  • Pile sleeve grouting of 4 legs
  • Supply of NaX® Q80-H High-Performance grout

Project Performance

  • Our customer accomplished timely delivery of schedule and commitment to the end client.
  • All deliverables were achieved with high quality and customer acceptance.

Client Testimonial

The use of Nautec’s materials in our Projects generates confidence when the grouting process has to be done, great working team.
Ing. Hugo Palafox
Permaducto S.A. de C.V

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