The Ande Ande Lumut Field is located in the Natuna Sea, Offshore Indonesia, in some 73 m of water depth. Four vertical wells named AAL-1, AAL-2, AAL-2X-R and AAL-3X were drilled into the J & K sands where AAL-3X is located in the centre of the Ande Ande Lumut Oil Discovery, about 3 km north of AAL-2X-R.

The Client

The end client was Malaysian oil & gas operator Genting Oil & Gas Limited.

The Scope

The overall objective of this study was to propose the best completion design for the Ande Ande Lumut wells. This involved looking at the following factors:

  • Flow Assurance Issues
  • Sand Control Design
  • ESP Design
  • Completion Design
  • Well Operability and Intervention Plan

The study was completed in four stages:

  • Review of all data required to make completion recommendations
  • Sand control selection and design
  • ESP design and conveyance method feasibility study
  • Flow assurance review
  • Final completion design including completion schedules and budgetary costing

Added Value

Phase separation (emulsion) is expected to be a major factor. Therefore, downhole Injection of emulsifier was recommended.

Three different ESP deployment options have been looked at, wireline, tubing and coiled tubing deployed ESP’s. For AAL, Nautec believes there to be a significant life cycle cost benefit by using coiled tubing to deploy the ESP’s

The completion design for the AAL wells comprises three major sections:

  • Upper completion (7” tubing, ESP assembly), Lower completion (4-1/2” tubing, PBR, circulation and barrier valves, packer) and sand-face completion (Premium screens, gravel pack with beta breaker valve technology to prevent formation breakdown and early screen-out.

The cost estimate for the selected gravel packing with water pack was USD 1.51 Million where shunt packing technique requires USD 2.7 Million. A significant cost saving.