Nautec was tasked with grouting a tubular member of the EWG-A Platform in Kinarut West, Sabah, Malaysia.


  • Nautec supplied grout material NaX® Q110 and grouting services for the tubular member grouting.
  • The grouting team grouted a single tubular member on the cellar deck of EWG-A platform using NaX® Q110 UHPC.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Weather conditions, limited deck space and accessibility are all challenges Nautec’s experienced crew face and which is overcome with a small footprint grouting spread and flexibility.
  • Only the top section of the tubular member was accessible with the remaining section covered and the grouting procedure took place from inside the electrical room.
  • A grout spread with 1 grout pump and 1 mixer was set up on the deck of the Pacific Intrepid stern and grout inlet, outlet and vent hoses from connection were laid from top of the tubular member to outside the cellar deck, running alongside the gangway and down to the sea level.

Product Performance

  • NaX® Q110 offers excellent flowability to penetrate and achieve strong bonding within in-situ structures.
  • A rapid strength development ensures very high early-age strength, which could reach more than 60% of its long term strength in 24 hours.

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