Assessment and selection of appropriate artificial lift design was a significant element of this project. Conceptual design work by Nautec lead to the unique selection of dual ESP technology. The optimal artificial lift schemes were subsequently identified by Nautec through coordination of specialist design input from global ESP experts.

The Client

Santos Limited

The Scope

Nautec, in technical alliance with Worley Engineering, were selected by Santos to assess and nominate suitable field development solution for these fields.

Nautec were involved in the conceptual well design, production technology, sand control and flow assurance studies, in addition to assisting Santos with the detailed engineering of subsea completions.

Our engagement with Santos, realised the following out comes;

  • sand face completion design incorporating sand control, artificial lift and zonal isolation considerations;
  • FAT/SIT management of well construction elements;
  • wellsite completion supervision assisted with the successful installation of the first four subsea completions in the field;
  • post well construction reporting and well integrity documentation;
  • project management for the storage and ongoing maintenance of surplus completion equipment and spares.

The Value Added

The innovative fit-for-purpose completion solution, accomplished by Santos in conjunction with Nautec, made a significant contribution to the Mutineer-Exeter Field Development. The project delivered commercial oil production three months ahead of schedule, 10% under budget and only three years from drilling of the first appraisal well.

Additionally, Santos’ successful application of dual electrical submersible pumps in subsea wells was a first in this region. This in combination with other field design elements will deliver a projected 100,000 barrels of oil per day (plateau rate).