In June-July 2018 Nautec was contracted by Servicios Maritimos De Campeche S.A. De C.V. to carry out Offshore HPC Skirt Pile Grouting and Installation Work to fix an additional structure to an existing subsea structure at Kax-1 for PEMEX in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Offshore Grouting Installation Work
  • HPC Skirt Pile Grouting
  • Offshore Contracting Services

Scope of Work

  • Provision of NaX® Q110 HPC grouting material
  • Provision of offshore grouting equipment and necessary consumables
  • Provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel
  • HPC Grouting of 2 Skirt Piles


  • Supply and injection of high-performance cement in two skirt piles at -50M water depth for the installation of subsea structure attached to platform Kax-1.
  • Mobilization/demobilization of offshore grouting personnel; grouting spread and other relevant grouting equipment necessary for the work.

Project Performance

  • All the project requirements were achieved with high quality and customer acceptance.
  • Nautec’s HPC technology and its highly skilled grouting team provided an apt contingency plan and a procedure, which saved the project and provided our client with the best solution to finish this high risk job in the best possible way.

Click here to download the project case history.