Provision of grouting services for SA-SA Jacket Installation. Grouting of Jacket Leg Annulus.

The Client

TL Offshore Sdn Bhd were installing the jacket for end client Murphy Oil.

The Scope

Provision of Ultra High Performance Cementitious (UHPC) grout NaX® Q80; provision of offshore grouting equipment/offshore Laboratory and necessary consumables; provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel; provision of project management including reporting, QA/QC.

The Challenges

The jacket leg annuli to be grouted were located at approximately -41m water depth.

The Services

Nautec carried out the grouting of 4 jacket legs as part of the installation procedure of the satellite platform. Grouting of the jacket leg annuli was carried out from the vessel using a combination of preinstalled grout lines on the jacket structure and flexible grout hoses.

Client Benefit

NaX® Q80 is an off the shelf grout material. Nautec has a production facility set-up in Malaysia and delivers the products with short lead time. 

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