Skirt piles sleeves grouting with UHPC (Ultra High-Performance Cementitious) material for Yetagun-C platform in Yetagun, Myanmar.

Project Scope

  • To provide UHPC grouting work on 8 skirt piles sleeves using a small footprint grout spread consisting of 2 mixers and 2 concrete pumps, functioning as primary and secondary/back-up pumps.


  • Pumping of grout at approximately 104m water depth.


  • For the injection of the UHPC grout into the jacket skirt piles, a flexible 2″ hose with camlock coupling end connections were used. The platform was preinstalled with a grout line system.
  • A total of 230 Metric Tons of UHPC material was pumped into the annuli.
  • Nautec supplied a mobile offshore laboratory designed to meet the required standards in order to facilitate preparation, curing and testing of sample cubes of UHPC material pumped into each skirt pile.
  • A total of 360 test cubes were cast for each skirt pile. The result of the crush test was submitted to the client for verification of grout strength.

Client benefit

  • The use of high strength, fast curing UHPC grout material and the hiring of the lifting work barge allowed for the client to save time during the installation phase.
  • The operations were successfully completed within schedule.

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