Annulus Grouting of 8 Skirt Pile Sleeves at AYATSIL-B and 12 Skirt Pile Sleeves at AYATSIL-D

The Client

Heerema Marine Contractors Americas B.V.

The Scope

Nautec’s scope of services for this project included the provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel and project management including reporting and QA/QC & HSE; provision of offshore grouting equipment and High Performance Cementitious (HPC) grout NaX® Q110.

The Challenges

A 2-day time window was allocated for the grouting works associated with the installation of Ayatsil-B and –D platforms at a water depth of –120m. For both grouting jobs the grout needed to achieve, as a minimum, a 24-hour (early) compressive strength of 44 MPa at 14 ̊C temperature at -120m and a long-term compressive strength (28-day strength) at 80 MPa.

The Services

Nautec mobilised a state-of-the-art silo system on Heerema’s DCV Balder for the grouting of 8 skirt pile sleeves (4 regular and 4 gripper sleeves) annuli on AYATSIL-B jacket and 12 skirt pile sleeves on AYATSIL-D jacket using Nautec’s proprietary NaX® Q110 HPC grout. Production and delivery of grout according to PEMEX/ IMP’ specifications.

Client Benefit

Nautec supplied NaX® Q110 HPC material with high early age compressive strength and Young modulus to allow the platform jacket to be loaded with the topside within 24 hours after grouting. NaX® Q110 has self-sealing properties because it contains aggregates that help reduce leakages. NaX® Q110 self-sealing properties minimise and prevent further leakage as rubber seals may be damaged by pile driving. NaX® Q110 is very cohesive; hence grout returns can clearly be observed therefore limiting wastage and reducing contingencies and costs for our Client.

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