Due to corrosion on a 22 inch export riser situated at the Anoa platform in the West Natuna Complex, Nautec designed and installed a UHPC (Ultra High Performing Cementitious) material grouted clamp to strengthen the riser.

The Client

Nautec was contracted by Premier Oil Natuna Sea BV partnering with local contractors JOVA Offshore and PT Gearindo,

The Scope

Structural engineering design and installation of a UHPC grouted two split clamp.

The Challenges

The repair was carried out without any interruption of the operation essentially meaning that the clamp work was carried out on a live riser with temperatures in excess of 50 degrees C.

The Services

To facilitate the large fabrication tolerance required to install the clamp at the riser bend over an existing clamp, the client opted for a UHPC grouted two split clamp. The riser connects to a pipeline supplying gas to Singapore. The design of the clamp was carried out at Nautec’s engineering centre in Singapore, where FEM engineers, structural and M&E engineers are continuously developing new designs to meet the industry’s needs.

Client Benefit

The use of UHPC material provides for a rapid strength development and a significant increase in load transfer typically resulting in less steel consumption reducing both fabrication and installation costs. The self-sealing properties of UHPC also provides for easy sealing of the clamp ends and swift installation. Nautec’s UHPC material is an off the shelf product, which has undergone extensive QA/QC before it leaves the production plant, hence documentation of the product can be provided without having to carry out extensive testing on site.

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