In January – February 2012 Nautec’s engineering team worked jointly with Larsen & Toubro to design a grouted strengthening program for MNP and MNW platforms. During the engineering phase L&T Valdel consulted Nautec’s engineering team to help develop a solution to strengthen members earmarked by them.

The Client

Larsen and Toubro, India.

The Scope

To provide strengthening of 2 braces of MNW and 8 braces of MNP using methodology suggested by Nautec. The members to be grouted were situated at 10m water depth and air diving assistance was taken to do grouting.

The Challenges

A new interconnecting bridge between MNP & MNW along with additional loads due to design changes in the topside of MNP made ten of its members overstressed.

The Services

Nautec used its self-designed quick fixing nozzles to install inlets in the members to be grouted. The entire grouting operation was finished in 5 offshore days.

Client Benefit

Nautec’s engineering team develops solutions to help strengthen overstressed members using UHPC materials.

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