Provision of Pile Grouting Services – MB Platform and Pipelines Project.

The Client

TLO Offshore Sdn Bhd. Main contractor: L&T & Sapura

The Scope

Nautec’s scope of work for the grouting of the 4-legged MB Jacket included the supply and delivery of grout material for jacket leg grouting; provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel; provision of offshore grouting equipment (including spares and back-up) and necessary consumables; provision of Mobile Offshore Laboratory for the purpose of conducting on-site testing; and provision of project management including Reporting and QA/ QC & HSE.

The Challenges

The jacket piles were grouted at -62m approximate water depth.

The Services

Nautec provided grouting services associated with the installation of jacket piles for the 4-legged MB Jacket. The jacket legs were grouted from the grout seal (EL-61.60m) to top of the jacket (EL+7.60m). A total of 164 Metric Tons of UHPC material was pumped into the annuli and the operations were successfully completed within very short schedule.

Client Benefit

The high viscosity and cohesiveness of UHPC grout prevents the risk of cement particles washout or it being mixed with water. This pumpable UHPC grout is ideal for the annulus grouting of pile sleeve connections and is especially developed for offshore subsea applications. It develops extreme mechanical properties combined with low shrinkage and early strength development together with the unique fatigue performance.

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