In April 2020, Nautec completed the grouting of four skirt piles for a jacket installation project in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Offshore Grouting Installation Work
  • Grouting of Skirt Piles
  • Offshore Contracting Services
  • Provision of HPC grouting materials

Scope of Work

  • Provision of NaX® Q110 HPC grouting material
  • Provision of offshore grouting equipment and necessary consumables
  • Provision of qualified offshore grouting personnel
  • Injection of grout at ELM 10 CHEEK-A platform


  • Injection into the annular space of the ELM 10 CHEEK-A platform.
  • 36 tons of grout were pumped and injected into 4 piles in 10 hrs.
  • Compression strength testing for 1 day in presence of the customer
  • Mobilization/demobilization of offshore grouting personnel; grouting spread and other relevant grouting equipment necessary for the work.

Project Performance

  • Nautec’s services warranted the reinforcement of the installed offshore structure using NaX® Q110 high performance cement.
  • The small footprint spread allowed the team to carry out their grouting services in the very limited space available on the vessel.
  • All deliverables where achieved with high quality and customer satisfaction.

Click here to download the project case history.