Project Scope 

  • Supply and delivery of NaX® Q80 HPC and NaX® Binder.
  • Provision of materials and equipment for mixing, pumping, grouting services and storage with 100% contingency.
  •  Provision of offshore crew including grouting supervisor.


  • Grouting services for PLEM installation.
  • To successfully supply and deliver sufficient amount of material required to fill in grout for 4 Pile Sleeves with 35.02m depth using NaX® Q80.
  • To provide client with valid calibration cert on related machinery.
  • To record any collectable data based on procedures and signed by client for authorization purposed.
  • To perform QAQC complete with documentation.

Project Performance

  • All deliverables achieved with high quality and customer acceptance despite completion during enforced RMCO conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • From QAQC point of view, output strength is above client requirement / expectation.

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