In August 2012, Nautec carried out grouting services for the installation of the PTSA Jacket located in the Patricia Field. The offshore grouting operations, including the provision of manpower, grouting materials and equipment, were completed in 3 days.

The Client

Nautec in collaboration with Petrousaha Offshore Services, was commissioned by TL Offshore for the provision of grouting services for the installation of the PTSA Jacket. End client is Murphy Oil.

The Scope

Nautec undertook the provision of grouting materials, supply and installation of equipment, manpower and grouting works for the Jacket leg annuli.

The Challenges

A total of 57 Metric Tons of UHPC material was pumped into the annuli and the operations were successfully completed within schedule. Water depth is 34m.

The Services

A small footprint grout spread consisting of 2 mixers and 2 concrete pumps, functioning as primary and secondary/back-up pumps, was used for the grouting work. The UHPC material was pumped using 2” and 3” flexible grout hoses from the spread on the work vessel to the platform and into the jacket leg annuli via the primary grout inlet port on the grout panel.

Client Benefit

The use of UHPC for pile grouting significantly reduces the risk of leakage, eliminates the need for circulation and results in significantly less material usage and contingency requirement.

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