Nautec carried out skirt pile sleeve grouting services for the installation of 3 platforms RS18, RS20 and RS21 all located in Mumbai High South field and part of the Mumbai High South Re-development Phase III (MHSRD-III) project by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd in India. 

The Scope

  • Grouting of Skirt Pile Sleeve Annulus during the installation of 3 new wellhead platforms
  • All documentations, materials, equipment, grouting supervisors and technicians associated with the grouting works.

The Challenges

  • The installation and grouting services took place subsea at 77 – 82 meters water depths
  • The small footprint spread was set up and the jacket grouting work carried out utilizing the Main Work Barge LTS3000
  • The grouting team used the first generation Nautec ROV connector to install the grout inlet ports at EL (-) 28.6m on the jackets. The grout hose was attached to the ROV connector which connected the inlet port to the Jacket leg

The Services

Nautec carried out skirt pile sleeve grouting services as follows:

  • 4 nos. at RS-18 Jacket at -82.2 meters water depth
  • 4 nos. at RS-20 Jacket at -79.6 meters water depth
  • 4 nos. at RS-21 Jacket at -77.4 meters water depth

Client Benefit

  • Getting minimum required compressive strength within a short period of time helps install the jacket topside as soon as the jacket leg and skirt pile sleeve grouting work has been completed. With the Rapid Strength development properties of NaX® Q80 a jacket topside can be installed within hours of the jacket leg and skirt pile grouting services being completed.
  • By using the ROV connector to locate the inlet ports on the jacket legs the team did not need to engage divers to support the grouting work or to cut grout lines and carry out removal work after the grouting was completed. These time saving measures meant the jacket installation time was shortened.

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