Project Scope

  • Grouting of 4 pile sleeves using NaX® Q80 & NaX® Q80-H.
  • Required strength 20 mPa at 1 day and 70 mPa at 28 days.


  • Supply of NaX® Q80 & Q80-H UHPC Grout Materials.
  • Offshore grouting of 4 pile sleeves on 4 members of the AMOCA WHP 1 Platform at 28m water depth.
  • Grouting services accomplished in 3 days.


  • The grouting team used two different materials on this project. In order to ease the silo swapping, stoppers were installed, which reduced the down time.
  • The project required early strength 20 mPa at 1 day and 70 mPa at 28 days.
  • NaX® Q80 was developed for rapid strength development and is a shrinkage compensated and highly flowable HPC product.
  • Compressive strength in excess of 30 MPa is reached within 24 hours allowing early stabbing of topside structures and reducing expensive vessel time.

Project Performance

  • The client was satisfied as the grouting services and product met all expectations and exceeded the early strength requirements.

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