In 2013, New Standard Energy Limited (New Standard) commissioned Nautec Energy Solutions (Nautec) to prepare an Independent Geologist Report (IGR) for distribution to the shareholders of New Standard in order to assess the technical merit of the Alright and Peeler Ranch prospects in Texas, USA. The prospects are located within 10 miles (17km) of each other and lie in Atascosa County within the unconventional Eagle Ford Shale Play.

The Scope

New Standard was planning to acquire Pathfinder Energy Onshore Pty Ltd (“PFEO”), which has an exercisable option over 100% of Magnum Hunter Resources’ (“MHR”) interests in the Alright and Peeler Ranch prospects. New Standard requested that Nautec address the following topics in this IGR:

  • Project overview
  • Land position, work commitment
  • Exploration history
  • Geological overview
  • Extent and quality of the targeted shales
  • Well performance

The Alright and Peeler Ranch prospects are currently a small part of the larger MHR portfolio and MHR will continue as contract operator of the leases at New Standard’s election.

The Added Value

This IGR focused on a high level technical review of the data provided in the New Standard data room as it was limited by both data availability and time. As such the report concentrates on the review of MHR’s technical assumptions and assesses their plausibility. Recommendations for further technical review are made accordingly as part of the review process.

Both prospects have producing wells within the acreage and significant further potential of drilling and development in both the Eagle Ford Shale and the Pearsall Shale. Although the acreage position is limited in size at present, using a local experienced operator will be a key advantage and possibly provide future opportunities for asset acquisition.

Based on 650 feet well spacing, up to 50 new lateral wells could be drilled into the Alright Prospect and a further 10 into the Peeler Ranch Prospect.

The economics of any future development are largely dependent on both production and well cost estimates. Although recent drilling techniques have continued to improve and well costs are decreasing relative to production, it is essential to take into account uncertainties in geology and assumed technology improvements and, therefore, to factor these into decline analyses and production forecasts. Consequently, a probabilistic approach to future analyses and forecasts was recommended.