Quick Facts:

Type of project:
Greenfield – Renewables
Ishikari Bay, Hokkaido, Japan
1,624.5 Mt of MF 9500
Nippon Steel Engineering
Project date:
May – July, 2023
Water depth:
15-24 m

Nautec, in partnership with our sister company Pozzolith Solutions, was engaged by Bond Engineering and Nippon Steel Engineering, for the provision of equipment rental and offshore supervision for the Ishikari OWF Wind Farm Project.  

Nippon Steel Engineering were responsible for the design and installation of the Jacket foundations for wind turbine generators (WTG) components, taking place off the coast of Ishikari Bay New Port, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.


  • Renewables
  • Material Supply
  • Grouting Services
  • Equipment Rental
  • Offshore Supervision

Job Scope

  • Preparation of grouting procedures and project documentation for grouting.
  • SAT/FAT trials of the equipment, provision of CPT-25-02 grouting spread, offshore supervision, technical support and troubleshooting during the grouting operation.
  • Provision of offshore crew including grouting supervisor/engineer/technician.
  • Provision of MF9500 and MF9000 Lube.


In close collaboration with our local team at MBS Pozzolith Solutions, Nautec delivered grouting materials, equipment rental and provided offshore supervision for the local grouting crew. New innovative proprietary offshore grouting equipment was mobilized to the Project, which achieved an average output of more than 22Mt per hour and 24Mt at top pumping speed.

The grouting operation, troubleshooting and maintenance was monitored closely by Nautec as part of the contract and for internal Grouting Field Record documentation.

Facilitated by Bond Engineering personnel, Nautec were involved in the installation of fourteen (14) WTGs of the type: SG 8MW-167. The WTGs were installed on 4-legged jacket foundations and driven to the seabed by piles.

The team used Nautec’s containerized batch mixing grouting spreads with a capacity of 3 MT (2 x 1.5MT bags) per mix and applied MasterFlow 9500 – ultra-high strength grout for offshore wind turbine foundations.

Project Highlights 

  • Nautec’s first offshore grouting project in Japan
  • The grouting operation ran smoothly and without incident utilizing a new spread CPT25-02.
  • Project completed successfully with zero personnel or environmental incidents.
  • All deliverables achieved.

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