Nautec was engaged by Jacka Resources Limited (Jacka) to conduct a preliminary review of the data inventory of the Ruhuhu Basin, Tanzania – an area of approximately 150 kilometres in length and up to 35 kilometres wide (Phase 1 of the project). Coal mining and exploration has been conducted for at least 60 years. In more recent times, commodities such as coal, uranium, and coal seam gas / coal bed methane have been the focus of exploration efforts.

The Scope

Phase 1 of this project was to conduct an overall review and commentary on open file data, assess the Ruhuhu Basin data for CSG and Shale Gas data in existence, and identify missing or required data for comprehensive evaluation.

CSG potential reviews would historically collate the following components of a basin, project area, or area of interest:

  • Determine Coal Area
  • Coal Depth and Thickness
  • Net Coal and Ash Contents
  • Coal Density
  • Gas Content (Q1, Q2, Q3)
  • Gas Composition
  • Gas Isotopes, Saturation and Methane Isotherms
  • Maceral and Vitrinite Reflectance
  • Gas in Place Estimate
  • Permeability
  • Well Performance and Producability
  • Resource / GIP calculations

Added Value

Nautec advised after the data that a more in-depth interpretation study would be appropriate. Exploration data and studies reviewed to date show that acquisition of more detailed information across the broader Ruhuhu Basin is required.

A detailed basin-wide geological model needed to be derived from mineral and coal company exploration data and information, combined with broad geological surveys and mapping dating back to 1956, university and industry research and depositional studies, and broader basin-wide gravity and magnetic surveys.

Prior to any interpretations, Nautec suggested the following:

  • Integration of all available data
  • Compilation of a basin-wide geological and formation model
  • With the existing dataset, Nautec suggested a review and generation, where possible, of:
    • A broad basin model, including structural geometry
    • Coal Area maps
    • Coal Depth and Thickness maps
    • Coal parameter ranges
  • Proposed future work program