Nautec was engaged by Protexa to carry out pile-sleeve grouting for the installation of a 4-legged Jacket using Nautec NaX® Q80-H High Performance Concrete (HPC) grout for Mexican owned petroleum company Pemex.

Scope of Work

  • Preparation of the grouting procedure and project documentation for grouting
  • Supply and delivery of grouting materials
  • Provision of offshore grouting equipment
  • Provision of offshore crew


  • Nautec supplied 50 MT NaX® Q80-H HPC materials
  • Pile-sleeve grouting works at 26 meter water depth for a 4 legged jacket installation

Challenges & Solutions

  • The on-going jacket levelling procedure affected the lower seals.
  • The grouting team found a solution to block the seals so they could continue with the grouting work as planned and fulfil the job scope.

Project Performance

  • All deliverables achieved with high quality and customer acceptance.

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