Quick Facts:

Type of project:
Greenfield – Renewables
South Korea (Mock-up Trial in China)
NaX® Q140-E UHPC grout
Total volume pumped:
15 bags, 127.5 MT
HESI (Hyundai Engineering Steel Industries)
Trial date:
Dec 2023

The trial was conducted to simulate offshore conditions and record data such as conveying, mixing, pumping, overall duration as well as QC testing of grout material. Based on the outcome, offshore grouting plan will be revised to achieve optimum results.


  • Renewables
  • Grout Mock-up Test
  • UHPC Grouted Installation
  • Material Supply


To prepare equipment and grout material, and then perform a grouting trial on a test specimen with a diameter equivalent to the actual pile to be installed offshore.


  1. Grouting of annulus between Inner Pile and Rock
  2. Grouting of annulus between Inner Pile and Mono Pile.


  • This mock-up trial was conducted prior to the offshore campaign.
  • Three monopile foundations are to be grouted during the offshore campaign.
  • Nautec used the newly built CPT 45 grouting spread for the first time.
  • The CPT45 is a one-of-a-kind spread capable of producing around 45 m3 per hour using high density grout material and 8.5 MT UFIBC bags.
  • The CPT45 facilitates high volume pile grouting in just a few hours.
  • The trial was successful and assessment to increase grouting output is in process.

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