In April 2014, Nautec partnered with Pt. JOVA Kreasi and Pt. Gearindo Prakarsa to carry out the structural repair works through infill grouting of four horizontal members at EL(+) 10 ft for NGL-Junction Platform, Ardjuna Oil Field West Java, with high performance grout NaX® Q140 for Pertamina PHE ONWJ, Indonesia.

Nautec Disciplines

Providing structural strengthening through infill grouting.

The Client

The end client was Indonesian state oil company Pertamina PHE ONWJ, Indonesia and Nautec partnered with local companies Pt. JOVA Kreasi and Pt. Gearindo Prakarsa.

The Scope

Nautec carried out structural repair works through infill grouting on four horizontal members, which were corroded. The operation took place on the platforms spider deck at EL(+) 10 ft. using NaX® Q140, Nautec’s own high performance grout. The grouting work was completed within 3 days to client satisfaction.

The Challenges

Prior to jet washing, the cellar deck firehose was used to flush out large pieces of corroded debris from the internal walls of the members as it turned out the jet wash was unable to flush it out.

The Services

The team performed a site survey evaluating the condition of the corroded members and scaffold walkways were erected along the members. The crew proceeded to install grout inlet and outlet ports at all members. Hereafter a high pressure jet wash was carried out to clean out corroded debris within the internal walls of all members. After members cleaning, reinforcement steel bars were installed before sealing perforations took place.

Client Benefit

The team successfully infilled NaX® Q140 grout materials into all four horizontal members for strengthening purposes and life extension of the structural members, effectively preventing future corrosion.

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